There are many benefits to hiring a photo booth for your corporate or business event, but did you know we also offer roaming photography services as well? Roaming photography offers our same business principles as our photo booth services do: we highly encourage branding, interacting with your potential customers or clients, and providing a memorable experience for everyone involved. However, unlike a photo booth which is stationary, roaming photography is exactly that–we move around to capture the moments around us. There are many benefits to this type of photography for corporate events and we are happy to introduce you to our newest service!


Print your photos on the spot.

Our camera is connected to our touchscreen monitor which is wirelessly connected to a printer, allowing photos to be printed right there. Your audience will walk away with a physical copy of their experience with you, which can be branded with your company in various ways (see below).

Send directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Our connected touchscreen monitor allows users to upload their photos directly to social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Along with their photo (that can, once again, be branded) a custom status can be added, such as “Hanging out with @HudecDental! #BrushOn”, allowing a complete experience.


Brand your photos.

There are many ways to brand your photos, from the backdrop used to your props. Some ideas include to customize the text when sharing on social media (see above), add a logo or hashtag as an overlay on every photo, create a custom step and repeat backdrop, and more.

Encourage users to interact with your company.

We often encourage brand ambassadors to assist us at large events, which will encourage interaction between your company and any potential customers or clients. We will have face-to-face time and at the end of each photo session, we can offer a survey to get more detailed thoughts on the experience with your brand.


Optional service or product survey available.

As stated above, we can set up your services to include a survey or questionaire at the end of each photo session. Those questions can be geared toward your services that evening, your brand in general or any other questions you may want to ask.

Are you interested in hiring a roaming photographer or photo booth rental for your own upcoming event? Please take a look at the packages that we offer and feel free to contact us at the nearest location if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.  For more information and updates you can find us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook.